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Is your pet looking a little stiff? Not as energetic as he/she use to be? Does something not seem right and you just can’t put your finger on it?

The Hard Rock Animal Hospital is happy to announce that we now offer Digital Thermal Imaging (DTI). This system allows us to target areas of discomfort by taking pictures of your pet and measuring radiated energy that results from pain, inflammation, lack of circulation, etc. The DTI camera enables us to see inside the body by evaluating hot and cold that is shown on the surface of the skin.

As our pets age, there are inevitable physical changes that occur and our pets can’t tell us when or where they are experiencing pain and/or discomfort.

Why would you consider screening your pet with digital thermal imaging?
• Affordable, quick wellness screen
• Locate pain and inflammation
• Discover secondary problem areas not seen by the naked eye
• See a before, during, and after treatment results
• Completely safe with nothing being emitted
• Improve outcomes with more precise, targeted treatment

For the month of February, help us celebrate this new technology by taking advantage of our promotional package. This package includes a full examination and consultation, 6 DTI pictures, a recheck examination, and two therapeutic laser treatments. The date of recheck will be determined by your veterinarian.

Help us to improve your pet’s quality of life and maximize their longevity. Please call (705)264-6400 to schedule a consult for your pet.